Making a Paracord Water Bottle Lanyard

Paracord Water Bottle Lanyard

One thing that can always be a problem when fishing, hiking, camping or almost any outdoor activity is where to put your drinks bottle.

The following instructions will allow you to create a strong carrying lanyard for almost any bottle that has a lip. You are going to need…

A water bottle with a lip
A carabiner
2-4ft of paracord depending on the length you want your lanyard (I used two foot in this example)


First of all take your length of paracord and fold it in half.

Now using your thumb and finger hold a loop big enough to easily fit over the top of the bottle you are using.

Keeping your thumb and finger in place, loop the tag end of your paracord through the loop four times and pull the tag end tight.

Once you have your uni knot, place the loop over the neck of the bottle so it rests under the lip and tighten the uni knot until it as tight as you can get it.

Slide the carabiner onto the two remaining lengths of paracord until it is at the length you want it. Hold it in place by tying a cobra knot (or your chosen knot).

Keep tying cobra knots until you have the desired length you want, then trim the tag ends down and melt them with a lighter to stop them pulling through.

You now have a reusable water bottle that can be clipped on to all sorts of places without using up any more space.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this how to paracord blog and I look forward to writing a few more soon.

If you are looking for a good paracord supplier in the UK, I get the majority of my paracord from Springfields Bushcraft


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