Two crazy Lure Nuts

Well I went fishing for a few hours on the cut today with a good friend of mine John Newnham.  We knew it was going to be difficult as the wind was ridiculously blowing us about so casting was interesting to say the least.

It was also hammering down with rain so we ended up soaked although the rain did stop occasionally just enough to let us dry out a bit before soaking us again.

We spent most of the morning trying various lures, John trying some that he’d been given but all to no avail.

After a couple of hours with only a few half hearted takes between us, I decided to put my old faithful 2.5″ Relax Lures Kopyto on (colour 056) a dropshot rig and sure enough within minutes I’d got a perch on. 


I lost another two fish and then I gave John one of my Kopyto Lures and cast out again.


I had another take which resulted in another perch and at the same time John had a take which turned out to be a zander.


It was now time for us to head back to our cars, we each had a few more cheeky casts on the way back to the car and I had a take which resulted in a Zander coming to the surface,  I’d just said to John it’s not very well hooked when it shook it’s head and off it went.

Well that was it for us for the day nit despite the cold, wind and rain it was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours for two crazy Lure Nuts 🙂

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