Wild Survivor UK Beef Jerky

If like me you are into bushcraft and survival skills, I’m sure you will have come across beef jerky. Going back as far as ancient Egypt jerky is more famously known for being used by the American cowboys as a convienient energy source to keep them going on those long cattle hauls.

Now I haven’t tried making my own as I don’t have space or time to make my own, the next best thing is purchasing ready made jerky.

For as long as I can remember I have always had Wild West Beef Jerky as it was the most flavoursome I have found in the UK.

Recently I found a new company that makes Beef Jerky from “the finest cuts of prime lean beef” that is sourced, made and packed in the UK.

The company is called Wild Survivor UK and I liked the advert of an Aromatic Seasoned & Cured Beef Jerky. So I ordered a couple of packs to see what they would be like.

so the basic idea of jerky is that it is dehydrated, cured with salt and flavours added to it. This preserves the meat making it a portable source of protein which if done right (a lot of shop bought isn’t) will rehydrate in your mouth giving you a succulent morsel of energy packed beef to chew on.

When the jerky arrived the first thing I was surprised at is the fact that it is the rich dark brown of beef unlike most shop bought which is a reddish colour. On opening the first pack I was treated to an aromatic barrage that set my taste buds watering.

Everything so far was looking very positive but the real test was in the texture and the taste. The jerky felt like all the other jerky I’ve ever eaten but what was the taste like?

I placed the first piece in my mouth and started to chew…

Oh wow I have found a new favourite Beef Jerky, the spices were perfectly balanced to bring out the best of the beef, the beef itself was dry as I put it in my mouth but within seconds had started to hydrate in my mouth exactly as proper beef jerky should do.

If your into beef jerky I highly recommend giving this a try you will not be disappointed. Check out these links to find out more about their product. (if you look on their website they even sell some very well made paracord bracelets!!)

Website: Wild Survivor UK

Facebook: Wild Survivor UK


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