Traditional Fishing Floats

I am a huge fan of handcrafted items and I recently received a selection of different floats from Paul. Traditional handcrafted floats are one of my favourite items and I have a great selection from other float makers so I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of these.
When they arrived I opened the package with careful anticipation as there are a lot of float makers out there and being brutally honest some of them aren’t the best in the world (I include myself in this category as my handcrafted floats are cheap cheerful and I’m not too fussed if I lose one).

My first impressions were that they were very well made, varnished perfectly and finished off superbly. I was a bit wary as Paul’s floats start from just 85p!! If you are a handcrafted float collector you will know this is very cheap.

Having spent a couple of days now playing with the floats, I can honestly say that they are superb quality and an unbelievable price. Paul can arrange delivery pretty much anywhere in the world but you will need to contact him regarding the postage costs.

There is an impressive range of floats available on the website and they will cover most situations where a float is needed.

Check out the website and the Facebook page
Website: Traditional Fishing Floats
Facebook Page: /traditionalfishingfloats

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