Supermarket Fishing

A lot of people think that you can only make the most basic boilies by using supermarket products. In this article I’m going to show you that you can actually have quite a good range of bait in your arsenal just by having a shop at your local Asda.

Okay first of all let’s start with a list of items that work extremely well as hookbait that you don’t need to prepare and can be used straight away (well maybe cut up or pulled apart to get the right size)…

Tinned sweetcorn, luncheon meat, tinned chickpeas, bread, baked beans, prawns, mussels, hot dogs, pepperami, mini marshmallows, tinned catfood chunks, tinned dogfood, chum mixers, cheese, tinned meatballs and many many more. All of the ones I’ve listed I have used myself and caught fish on.

One point to note here is please do not use any nuts straight from a supermarket/shop as they haven’t been prepared for fishing!! You need to soak nuts for 24 hours and then boil them for 30 minutes, it is worth the effort as they are a fantastic bait but MUST be prepared or they could kill the fish.

Now let’s move on to baiting up. You can make yourself a really good spod mix using just supermarket bought items, I will give you a spod mix recipe that I have used to great success which will hopefully give you a few ideas.

Spod Mix Recipe

1 x 365g tin of AsdaSmartprice Sweetcorn (drained)
1 x 400g tin of KTC Chick Peas in Salted Water (undrained)
1 x 170g tin of Kingfisher Shredded Crab Meat
1 x 150g tub of Asda Chosen by You breadcrumbs
100g Asda Dried Skimmed Milk Powder
50ml Oyster Sauce
2tsp Chilli Powder

Finish your spod mix off by adding Asda Ready Oats until you have the consistency that you want. If you want more of an attraction mix rather than a feed mix you can blend the larger ingredients to remove the particles.

Finally let’s make a boilie and a matching glug using nothing but ingredients from Asda.

Spicy Crab & Oyster Boilies
125g Semolina
125g Gram Flour
125g Rice Flour
75g Asda Dried Skimmed Milk Powder
50g Horlicks
2 Large Eggs
50ml Oyster Sauce
85g of Kingfisher Shredded Crab Meat
2tsp Chilli Powder

To make the boilies put all of the dry ingredients into an airtight bag (Asda Pedal Bin Bags work perfectly), carefully blow it up and twist the opening so it is closed and give the bag a good shake for 2-3 minutes to mix everything together.

In a large mixing bowl (again you can buy this from Asda) put your Oyster Sauce, Eggs and crab meat together and mix them together well.

Slowly start adding your mixed dry ingredients in to the mixing bowl of wet ingredients until you have a playdough type texture that is slightly damp but doesn’t stick to your fingers. Break small sections of the dough off and roll them in the palm of your hand to form a rough ball shape. (you could just break small pieces off and leave them as they are to form misshaped baits which could fool wary fish)

Once you have rolled all the dough into balls, bring a large saucepan of water to the boil and place 30-40 baits in the boiling water. Leave in the water for 60 seconds for boilies around 14mm and 90 seconds for bigger boilies around 18-20mm in size.

Take them out of the water and set aside on a clean dry area (a plastic mushroom tray would be ideal and if you talk nicely to your local greengrocer you should be able to get one for free, some Ada’s do have the trays too).

Repeat the process until all of your boilies are cooked, then allow them to air dry for 24 hours before either using them or freezing them until your ready to use them.

To make a matching glug simply put the following into a food blender and blend for 2 minutes before putting into an air tight container.

76ml Asda Glycerine
50ml Asda Oyster Sauce
85g Kingfisher Shredded Crab Meat
1tsp Asda Hot Chilli Powder

Then add around 20 boilies into the container and leave in a cool dry place until you want to use them. They shouldn’t go off as the glycerine acts as a preservative.

Here is a shopping list of all the ingredients that were used to create the baits in this article (prices were correct at time of publishing this but obviously may change)…

2 x £1.00 – 170g Kingfisher Shredded Crab Meat
1 x £1.50 – 2kg KTC Gram Flour
1 x £1.75 – 1.5kg Natco Fine Semolina
1 x £1.88 – 340g Asda Dried Skimmed Milk Powder
1 x £1.00 – 500g Whitworths Ground Rice
1 x £2.00 – 300g Horlicks Original Malted Milk Powder
1 x £1.00 – 150ml Asda Oyster Sauce
1 x £0.97 – 100g Asda Hot Chilli Powder
1 x £0.97 – 6 x Happy Egg Co. Free Range Large Eggs
2 x £0.89 – 38ml Asda Glycerine
1 x £1.00 – Asda Large Plastic Mixing Bowl
1 x £0.38 – 400g KTC Chick Peas in Salted Water
1 x £0.35 – 326g Asda Smart Price Sweetcorn
1 x £1.78 – 750g Asda Chosen by You Ready Oats
1 x £1.00 – 150g Asda Chosen by You Bread Crumbs

Total cost £19.36

Now that may sound expensive but if you look at the quantities of each ingredient needed for the recipes you will see that there are a lot of ingredients left. The boilie recipe for example works out at £2.49 and will give you 600-700g of boilies!!

Well I hope you have found this article interesting, please feel free to come and check out my Facebook page Home Made Boilies for more ideas.

Tight lines

As a last note… When I started writing this blog I used Asda as an example of where to get your ingredients as it was my favourite local supermarket. Since then I have actually become employed by Asda (I hadn’t even applied for the job when i started writing this lol) and I thought I would put this note in here as I didn’t want people thinking I’d picked Asda because I work for them.

Obviously I think a lot of Asda since I now work for them but the choice is yours as to where you go.

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