Okay so this page is a bit about me so what can I say… Well I’m happily married to my lovely wife with two wonderful sons. I’ve been fishing now for 29 years and I’ve been making my own home made baits, floats and other fishing stuff for around 25 years.

I’m not a specimen hunter in fact my biggest fish is a 29lb Sturgeon, my biggest carp is only 15lb 8oz and I don’t target big fish although I do consistently catch fish. So what am I doing creating this blog and why would anyone want to read it?

Well I have learnt a lot of things over the nearly 30 years I’ve been fishing and in the posts of this blog and also on my facebook page Anthony’s Angling Corner I will be sharing not only my passion for fishing but also various reviews of products I use, photos of fish I catch, how to guides on stuff I make and many more things.

I DO NOT class myself as a professional angler and I don’t think I’d ever want to being completely honest, I go fishing for the fun and enjoyment of catching and releasing fish. If I write about a product or bait I use, it’s because I’ve been impressed by it – it really is that simple,

I’m not sponsored by anyone so have no pressure to promote any particular product, having said that I do have my favourites as most people do and mine are based not only on the quality of the product but also the attitudes of the staff and customer service provided by the company.

1. Bait-Tech this is my most used commercially available bait manufacturer, not only are the products superb quality and well priced the customer service is absolutely amazing.

2. Haith’s Baits Haith’s are the manufacturer of my favourite home made bait ingredient and this is Haith’s CLO, they are also the manufacturer of the legendary Robin Red used by many of the top brand bait manufacturers. Again the customer service is friendly and reliable and there is range of ingredients available for you to chose from.

3. Ecogear Ecogear make some absolutely amazing soft lures my favourite being the Grass Minnow which has accounted for numerous Perch and Zander for myself and also my pb chub of 3lb 12oz. The customer service is brilliant and the staff are friendly too.

4. Savage Gear Savage Gear produce some of the best lure rods I have EVER used and I absolutely love the BushWhacker XLNT 10-30g rod it is probably my most used rod ever!!! The 15cm Real Eel combined with the matching 4g Jig Head has produced me more Pike than any other lure I’ve used.

The other hobby I enjoy is bushcraft and I will also be writing various blogs and reviews to do with bushcraft/camping. You may even find the two hobbies intertwine as I do use bushcraft/camping ideas in my fishing from time to time.

5. Bushcraft Essentials Bushcraft Essentials are the best manufacturer of portable “pocket” stoves that I have found, the quality is simply brilliant and the new Fire Piston is so simple to use But really well built. I literally have every stove that they manufacture and love each one, I even carry one round in my wallet!!!

Well that is my top five favourite companies as I say I’m not sponsored so please feel free to try them out or if you have your own favourite there’s no pressure or sales pitch to change.

I hope you like and enjoy my blog.
Tight Lines

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