Highlander Outdoors Products

I have been looking at gas powered stoves for a while now and in particular I was looking at the jetboil system.  My biggest problem was it’s price as I thought that was extremely steep for what it was.

Looking around I stumbled across a company called Highlander Outdoors. 

What really got my attention was one of their stoves, it’s called the ‘Blade Fastboil 1.1L‘ and at only £49.99 it was nearly half the price of the jetboil!!

I sent off for one (along with a few other bits that I’ll review separately) and waited for it to arrive.


It arrived really quickly and I immediately unpacked it to have a look.  It looked really well built and felt good quality too.


Now it does say it’s an outdoor only stove but I had to quickly give it a try to see how easily it lit. (do this at your own risk if you do it indoors)

I was very impressed with how the ignition button felt and how easy it was to light the gas.

Now I packed it away (before I burned the house down) and waited until I had a spare few hours to go out and test it in my local woods.  Make sure you give the center ring time to cool down before you pack it away!!

Well I got a few hours spare so off my wife and I went into the woods, we went on a foraging session (make sure you get permission from the landowner before you forage) but it was really tough going and we only found a few shrivelled and decaying fungi for our efforts.




We decided to stop and try out the Blade Fastboil and have a cup of tomato soup.


Having found a nice tree stump to place the gas canister on, I set the stove up.


Turning the gas on was once again really easy even with a bit of wind blowing through.


We had a cheeky Robin come and watch what we were doing (you can just about make him out in the tree, middle of the picture).




The stove cooked the tomato soup really well and as the name ‘fastboil’ suggests it boiled it very quickly.


I served the soup up into the two cups and myself and my wife both said that considering its price this was an extremely good bit of kit that will see a lot of use.

It is very easy to clean and doesn’t weigh much either.  If your in the market for a compact stove then I literally can’t find anything bad to say about this stove.

Highlander Outdoors have several social media sites and a website.  I’ve included the links below so it’s easy for you to find them.  I hope you found this review helpful.


Facebook: /HighlanderOutdoor

Facebook: /HighlanderProforce

Instagram: /highlander_outdoor

Instagram: /highlander_military

Twitter: @Highlandersctld

Website: /highlander-outdoors.com

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