Coating Boilies to Give Your Hook Bait an Extra Edge.

People are always looking for a way to give their hook baits that extra attraction or ‘edge’ that will pull the fish in and make them notice and take the hook bait instead of the freebie offerings.

One way of doing this is by coating your hook bait, I’ve used boilies in this example but it is possible to do it with other baits such as pellets, corn, luncheon meat and more.

You will need the following to coat your boilies…

1. Your chosen boilies
2. Cocktail sticks
3. Dipping liquid
4. Hook Bait Coating Powder

First I will explain the dipping liquid and the coating powder. The liquid needs to be able to stick to the hook bait so needs to be a little bit gloopy, you can use any liquid as long as it is safe for the fish however, I like to make my own dipping liquid concoctions and one that does really well for me is…

50ml Glycerine
50ml CSL
50ml Bait-Tech Liquid Worm
50ml Asda Oyster Sauce
As you can see from the picture it gives a nice dark gooey liquid and this sticks really well to the bait.

Now on to the coating powder this can again be almost anything from groundbaits and method mixes to breadcrumb or as I do make your own concoction of attractants. My favourite coating powder recipe is as follows…

20g Fine Ground Hemp Seed
20g Wheatgerm
20g Lamlac
20g Ground Halibut Pellet
10g Ground Almonds
10g Paprika
Place all of the ingredients into a pot large enough to hold the powders make sure it has a sealable lid and a bit of space after you have put the powders in.
Place the lid on and give it a good shake to mix all of the powders together.
Okay so now we move on to the boilies. Carefully put a cocktail stick into each boilie you want to coat.
Now dip one of the boilies into the dipping liquid making sure it all gets covered.
Transfer it into the coating powder and gently shake the pot making sure the boilie gets covered.
Place the covered boilie onto a tray or plate and repeat the process with however many hook baits you are making.
Give them ten minutes to dry a little and then you can dip and coat again, repeat as many times as you want to building up a nice outer layer. In the photo above I have dipped and coated three times.
Carefully remove the cocktail stick and give them about an hour to dry out a bit before using.
This photo shows the bait after 15 minutes in water.
This photo shows the bait after 30 minutes in water.
This photo shows the bait after 60 minutes in water.
Well I hope you have found this blog useful and that it helps you to catch a few extra fish. If you use this method and you catch some fish why not not pop over to my Facebook page Anthony’s Angling Corner

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