Home Made Light Weight Bobbin

There are times in your fishing where a lightweight bobbin will come on very handy.  There are a great selection on the market these days however, one of my favourite bobbins is a home made Kinder Egg Pot Bobbin.

This type of bobbin is perfect for Perch fishing or if you need to make the bobbin heavier the kinder pot is perfect as you can add weight in to the kinder pot by simply poppingthe lid open and adding some weight inside.

Okay so what are you going to need?


.. Kinder Egg Pot
.. Length of Paracord
.. Bobbin Head (can be from a broken bobbin)
.. Lighter to blob the end of the Paracord

The first thing to do is pierce a small hole in the lid of the kinder pot and screw the bobbin line grip into the hole.


Next create another small hole in the bottom of the kinder pot.  Push the paracord through the hole and tie a simple overhand knot in the paracord.


Take the end of the Paracord with the knot in it and using the lighter carefully melt and blob the tag end of the knot to prevent it from slipping.


Pull the paracord back through the hole until the knot is flush against the hole.


Now you basically just close the lid and you are ready to go. 


You may have noticed that I haven’t included a connector at the other end of the Paracord, this is because you can either attach a connector of your choice or simply tie the paracord on to a bank stick.

I hope that you find this useful and please feel free to post any photo’s of your home made Kinder pot bobbin in use on my Facebook page Anthony’s Angling Corner.

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