Ecogear are they worth the price?

One of my favourite ways to lure fish is with soft plastics. There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties and shapes out there but as those who fish with these lures know we have our favourites.
For the last month or so I have been using the Ecogear Grass Minnows now these are available in four sizes and a range of colours, I’ll leave that up to you to decide which to try if you decide to give them a go.

Okay so what do I think of them and as the title suggests are they worth a price tag of around £6 a pack? Being completely honest I tried my first ever Grass Minnow because I was given a couple free from a pack that had split in my local tackle shop when I was buying other things. I had looked at the grass minnows and wondered but at £6 a pack I had always shied away from them choosing cheaper options.
I was out on one of my usual dropshotting sessions and I was struggling with only a small perch in two hours, suddenly I remembered the grass minnows and thought well nothing else is working so let’s give them a try and see what happens.
In the next two hours I had 1 small Jack Pike, 2 small Zander and 18 Perch!!
To say that I was impressed with the grass minnow is an understatement. I went and purchased some more and I was continuously impressed with the amount of catches I was getting on them, obviously I still use other lures but the grass minnow is now one of my go to lures and I definitely think they are worth a price tag of around £6.
The Ecogear Grass Minnow has also accounted for my personal best Zander at 3lb 4oz which although not huge is a good sized fish in the canals where I fish. I must be well over 100 fish caught on these brilliant lures and I also now fish them weedless Texas Rig Style as shown in the picture below which has also caught me a large number of Perch.

The last thing that I will cover is that there are cheaper lures that look almost identical as the design has been around for a while now. I myself have purchased these cheaper ones as I thought they look the same so surely they work the same, well actually no they don’t. I have no idea why the cheaper ones don’t work as well but out of a pack of 10 for about £2 I managed to catch one solitary Perch, not such good value after all.

So in conclusion of my review of the Ecogear Grass Minnow yes I do believe that it is worth the price tag of around £6 after all that’s only about 60p a lure and it definitely catches a lot of fish. If you want to find out more about the Grass Minnows or any of the other Ecogear products check out the links below…

Ecogear Website
Ecogear Facebook
Ecogear Twitter

Well I hope you have found my review useful, till next time tight lines.


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