Making Cheese Paste

I do not use paste very often but when I do there is only one paste that I use. The following recipe is what I use and have caught some very good fish on it, please feel free to look around and make other recipes but for now have a go at this one and see if it is right for you.

Right then you will need the following items:
340g Frozen Ready Rolled Shortcrust Pastry
160g Extra Mature Cheddar
160g Stilton or other Blue Cheese

To make your paste grate the extra mature cheddar cheese, then crumble the blue cheese and mix the two cheeses together. (you can alter the mix depending on what cheeses you have for example on the batch pictured I didn’t have any blue cheese so I used 320g grated cheddar and 1tsp of paprika)

Spread the cheese mix over the pastry.

Fold over the pastry edges so that the cheese is trapped inside.
Then gently knead the mixture until everything is all mixed together, keep kneading it until there are no lumps left. image
You should know when it is ready because the mixture will be roughly the same.
Now put the mixture into freezer bags and freeze until ready to use. This cheese mix is ideal for Chub but other fish will take it.

If you would like to tweak this recipe, you can always add a tsp of chilli powder, paprika, garlic powder or other spice, flavouring. You could even add some food colouring to alter the colour of your paste.

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