Fishing Particles on the Hair

About 8 years ago I used to fish with something called “bogey” which is basically a very sticky glue that never sets. Now I recently found it again on the Kryston stand at a carp show I went to.

So why is a glue that never sets such a big deal? Well imagine fishing over a bed of particles such as hemp seed but now imagine having a big ball of hemp seed as your hook bait!! Krystons Bogey allows you to do this.

Okay so the first thing to do is decide which particles you are going to use in my example I am using crushed hemp seed but you could equally use something like Haith’s SuperRed or Pallatrax Water Snails. The bogey is a very easy to use product but there are a few things to remember…

The first thing to remember is that your hands are naturally oily and if you try to roll a ball of bogey straight out of the jar you will give it an outer coating of oil and nothing will stick to it. The second thing to remember is that nothing wet will stick to the bogey so any particles you wish to use must be completely dry when you apply them.
Make a small pile of particles ready to drop your bogey into when you have taken it out of the jar. To remove some bogey from the jar, wet your finger and stick it in the jar, create a hook with your finger and with a quick jerk pull your finger out of the jar. You should get a nice dollop of the glue on your finger, you do it quickly or you end up with a long trail of the glue as your pulling it out of the jar.
Now drop the bogey into the particles as it is and cover it over with particles.
Gently press the particles in with your fingers until it is completely covered, now you can roll it in your hand to create a ball which will press the seeds in even more.

Okay so you now have your particle ball ready for fishing, you can also dip the particle ball into glugs or dips to add extra attraction to them.
One last trick I thought I’d share with you is regarding unprepared hemp seed. When I’m not using Bait-Tech’s tinned hemp seed I like to make my own in a flask, get a flask (the kind you keep coffee or tea in) then fill it half way with hemp seed. next fill the flask up with hot water, put the lid on and leave it 12 hours. Perfectly cooked hemp seed every time and the method I use most often.

Now at the same time make up some hemp seed balls using the bogey and place them in a jar of cold water to soak also for 12 hours. To start with the bogey balls will float due to the dry hemp seed however, after 4 hours you will notice that the hemp seed on the bogey balls starts to blacken and after 12 hours they will start to sink. After about 24 hours the seeds will split open revealing the small shoots inside but you can fish them after they have blackened.

Well I hope you have found this useful and if you would like to find out more information you can find out more through the following media:

Kryston Website

Kryston Facebook

Kryston Twitter

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