EDC Fire Kit from Polymath Products

If your into bushcraft, survival skills or camping you will probably have a fascination with how to start your camp fire.

There are lots of ways to do this from a bow drill right through to a modern lighter. I like to try and learn as many different ways as I possibly can in the event I ever need to create fire.

I have tried various different kits but when I came across this one from Polymath Products I had to get one and give it a try.

The kit itself is all hidden away inside a shotgun cartridge (which is what actually caught my eye in the first place) and contains…

Fire Steel, 6.5mm Ø
Fire Steel Striker
10x 6cm Tinder Stick
Fire Powder Vial
Split Ring, 25mm
Match Striker Cap

Nice little selection in there but are they any good? The ferrocerium rod (it’s called a fire steel in their description but there is a huge difference between the two) is a good size and after I had scrapped the protective layer a few times there was a good shower of sparks produced when I struck it with the attached striker.

I was impressed with the waterproof waxed jute tinder sticks. They catch a spark really well and will burn on their own for three minutes, fluffing up one of the ends or breaking down into more loose fibres helps them to catch a spark even easier.

There is also a small vial of fire powder (I’m assuming this is something like magnesium powder) which you can sprinkle over your tinder in adverse weather conditions to help catch a spark and ignite a lot easier.

On the actual cartridge there are two match striking surfaces which work perfectly with safety matches or strike anywhere matches (the matches aren’t included but you can store some in the cartridge if required).

There is also a detailed instruction sheet which has explanations for starting and building fires as well as the survival uses of fire. (great tinder as well once you have learnt the information)

So now to actually testing the kit and see what it could do. The first thing I did was to get out my crusader cup might as well have a nice cup of coffee whilst testing the fire starting kit lol), as you can see I set three fuel tablets and a couple of broken down jute sticks in my bushcraft stove with some of the fire powder sprinkled over to see how it would fare.

The jute and fire powder caught the spark very easily and after a few seconds I had enough fire going to place the cup on and make myself a nice cup of coffee.




All in all I was extremely impressed with this kit, it just has that something extra about how it has been designed and put together that sets it apart from other fire making kits.

It is easy to carry, not too heavy and is very good value. I was even more impressed that you can buy refill kits (shown in the picture) rather than having to buy new kits every time you’ve used up the contents.

The great thing about the refill kit is that you can also add the contents to other kits that you may use such as another of mine that I have pictured here.

To purchase the kit click here EDC Fire Kit

You can also follow their social media pages here…

Facebook: /PolymathProducts
Twitter: @PolymathP

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