Seeing in the dark when fishing at night

As the winter is drawing in the nights are getting darker quicker and I am finding myself fishing more and more into the dark hours.

I have been trying various head torches and clip on cap lights, the clip on cap lights that I have tried aren’t powerful enough and the head torches are quite uncomfortable and bulky (unless you want to spend ridiculous amounts of money).

I stumbled across a Facebook page “Cap Light UK” which looked like it had a fantastic compromise in super bright LED’s built in to the cap itself.

Now I had tried a cheap cap with built in lights and although it was adequate lighting (just), it wasn’t bright enough to see a float in the dark or for any distance.

The PowerCap™ from Cap Light UK has four LED’s built into it, two are dedicated low beam LED’s for working up close and the other two are high beam ultra bright LED for working at a distance (ideal for seeing your float in the dark on a canal)

The on/off switch is located discreetly located on the underside of the brim and can light an area ranging from reading distance right out to fifty foot.

There are three settings available using the four LED’s which are: low beam which uses the two low beam (obviously lol) LED’s under the brim of the cap, high beam which uses the two super bright LED’s under the brim and finally power beam which is created by using all four LED’s at once.

The cap runs on four CR-2032 Lithium coin cell batteries which are concealed in the sweatband and provide up to 75 hours of continuous use and you can easily replace them.

I will be mainly using the cap for fishing along the canal as dusk approaches and just into darkness, the question was how would this cap perform over the other caps and head torches I have used in the past.

Firstly the cap is made from good quality material and as such is much more comfortable to wear than some of the cheaper ones, it is also very lightweight and discreet which is an instant advantage over the more bulky head torches.

When I was rigging up my fishing gear the low LED’s provided more than enough light to work with. Once I cast my bait out I switched to the super bright LED’s and could quite easily see my float on the far side margin (edge) of the canal. There were occasions where I needed slightly more light and when I switched to the power beam mode there was more than enough light to see everything.

Unlike head torches the lights aren’t that bright that they will scare the fish away but they are certainly bright enough to be able to see everything.

One thing that impressed me was the lack of light pollution to my eyes from the LED’s something the cheaper makes suffer from quite badly.

All in all I was extremely impressed with the cap, the only improvement I could think of for this cap is to somehow make it water resistant as currently it is just like a normal baseball cap in that sense.

To find out more about this brilliant cap and the other ranges they make, click on one of the links below…

Facebook: /CaplightUK

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