Springfields Deluxe Fifteen Bracelet Kit

If you have been following my blogs you will have seen various items created using genuine 550 Paracord. Now this paracord is actually from a kit sold by Springfields and I thought it was about time I told you what I thought to the kit itself.

The Deluxe Bracelet kit comes with 15 buckles five of them have built in whistles, five of the smaller ones are black and the other five smaller ones are green.

There is also three fifty metre lengths of genuine military spec type III 550 paracord included in the kit and these are black, green and my favourite orange.

Finally the kit comes with an instruction leaflet on how to make yourself a cobra weave bracelet.

The kit comes in at £15.99 (+ p&p) which considering most buckles to purchase are a minimum of 99p each and fifty metres of paracord will set you back at least £2-£3 each is pretty good value for money.

Everything is conveniently packaged all together simply add a pair of scissors and a lighter and you are ready to start making your own creations.

Here are a few examples of paracord projects that I have created using the contents of this kit.








The only negative thing I could find to say about this kit is that the bracelet instruction leaflet doesn’t tell you how to measure your wrist and work out how much paracord you need to make a bracelet to fit you.

Therefore I thought I’d quickly mention it here…

Put a piece of paracord around your wrist so it is a comfortable fit, mark it and then lay it out flat and measure it and add one inch to allow for comfort. Now for every inch of bracelet you will need one foot of paracord for the cobra weave. So for example if your wrist measures eight inches you will want nine foot of paracord.

You can order the kit here… 15 Bracelet Paracord Kit

There are also other kits available on their website and check out their social media for offers and competitions.

Website: www.springfields.co.uk
Facebook: /springfields
Twitter: @springfields

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