Simple Paracord Necklace

Simple Paracord Necklace

Okay so I wasn’t going to do this blog as the necklace is fairly easy to make but, having had such a great response from a photo of a necklace I recently made I changed my mind.

Now there may be a lot of paracord bracelet instructions out there including mine (Cobra Knot Paracord Bracelet) but I haven’t seen that many on making a paracord necklace.

Okay so let’s work out what you need to make your necklace. For the type of weave I’m going to use it works out that 1ft of paracord equals approximately 2.1″ of necklace. I will be making a 21″ necklace so I’ll be using 10ft of paracord (cut into two 5ft sections, or you can use two different coloured lengths as I have done) you will also need a buckle (you can use a small side release buckle or get a small necklace release), a pair of scissors and a lighter.

In the following close up pictures I have used a pair of forceps to keep the paracord in place but when you make it you will be using one half of the buckle you have chosen.

The first thing you need to do is place your two pieces of paracord side by side and thread one half of your buckle on to both pieces. Now slide the buckle down the paracord until it is half way along both pieces, spread the two pieces of paracord out so that they form a cross shape as in the photo.

Next take one end of one of the pieces of paracord and fold it over the top of the buckle so it is alongside the other half of the same piece of paracord, take the other half of the paracord and fold it over the buckle so that it is where the first piece started off. It should look like the following photo if you have done it right.

Taking the second piece of paracord fold it over exactly the same as you did the first one.

You are now literally going to keep folding the two pieces of paracord over in alternating turns as you did in the previous two pictures until you are nearly at the end of the two pieces. The hardest part of making this necklace is that you will basically be holding it together with your hands so they may ache a bit towards the end.

You can finish it with various knots of your choice but I basically create a simple overhand loop with one piece of paracord, trim the excess and melt and flatten the ends with a lighter to hold in place and then with the other piece of paracord I put the two pieces through the other half of the buckle/clasp trim it down and melt the two ends together.

This was made using paracord from Grizzly Bushcraft which is also available from my favourite bushcraft/survival store Springfields Bushcraft & Survival

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