Paul Duffield Books

I thoroughly enjoy making my own baits, spinners floats and lures so when I saw “Make Your Own Traditional Fishing Tackle by Paul Duffield” mentioned on the Mr Crabtree Facebook page, I simply couldn’t resist ordering myself a copy of a book that looked perfect for me.

The books are printed to order so may take a few days longer to arrive than you would normally expect but when it arrived I was impressed with the cover and a nice simple explanation on the back.

Having a quick flick through, it looked like the book had a good balance of photos and text and I was looking forward to getting stuck in and have a proper read.

Reading through the book, it is really well written with great explanations and good photos. As I read through the book I got really excited about having a go at making some of the tackle myself so watch out for blogs in the future on this.

Looking around I found a great website that did almost the same sizes of bamboo as mentioned in the book and ordered some. The website is…


I will go into more detail about the bamboo in other blogs as I want this one to be about the book. (or in this case books)

I also got Paul’s “A Complete Guide To Carp Fishing For Beginners” for my young lad who thoroughly enjoys coarse and predator fishing but hasn’t done lots of carp fishing so thought it would be ideal for him, having a read through I thought it was a very good book with some great ideas, rig diagrams and instructions for beginners.

You can find all of Paul’s books here… Paul Duffield Author

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