Flavouring Your Own Pellets

I have been asked a lot of times how to make flavoured pellets. Well it isn’t too difficult to do it but there is one tricky part which I will explain in a little bit.


Okay so the first thing to do is select a good low oil pellet. The ones I use are from Pure Pellet they take on flavouring very well and also don’t break down too quickly, you can also see more of their stuff on their Facebook page Pure Pellet Facebook.

Next is too make up the liquid that you are going to spray onto your pellets, a good liquid to make up is…

100ml Mineral Water
80ml Glycerine
10ml Omega 3 Fish Oil
2.5ml Flavouring (I’ve used Mainline Profile Plus Banoffee)
1tsp Powdered Food Colouring (I’ve used yellow in this example)


Start your liquid by mixing the the water and glycerine, give it a good shake to mix then add everything else and again give it another good shake.

Now we move on to flavouring the pellets, tip a layer of pellets out into a container so that they just cover the bottom of the container.


This next bit is the hardest part. Take your liquid that you have in the spray bottle and spray it over your pellets with roughly 5 fine mist sprays from the bottle. Give them a good shake to cover them in the liquid mixture. Repeat this process until the pellets have a nice even coating, the hard part is to get a nice even coating without the pellets breaking down.

The next part is to add any powders that you would like to adhere to the pellets. In this example I’ve used…

1tsp Hemp Protein Powder
1tsp Ground Almond


Spread the powders over the top of the pellets, put the lid on and give it a good shake to get the powder spread over all pellets. That’s it your done.

Transfer the pellets to an air tight container and your ready to use them. They should last quite a while due to the preserving quality of the glycerine but I can’t guarantee how long.


Have fun experimenting.

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