It’s a Savage World

One thing I’m really getting into is my lure fishing for Pike, now I don’t have particularly large Pike round by me so I don’t need to go over gunned. I decided to look around and after trying (and breaking) several cheaper rods I ended up picking a Savage Gear BushWhacker 7ft 10-30g XLNT.


I chose this rod as Savage Gear have a good name, the rod had enough power in it to handle any of the pike I’m likely to find in my area as well as also being sensitive enough for me to use as a dropshotting rod.

When the rod arrived I was very impressed with the build quality, how it fitted together and the lightness of the rod. Okay so it was time to Fit the reel to the rod and I had decided on one of my favourite reels the Fox Ultron 1500 a really compact and light reel to compliment the lightness of the rod.


I’d already Pre-loaded the reel with my favourite Savage Gear 13lb Adrenaline braid which gives you a really smooth cast giving extra distance but also gives you a good strong line for the small diameter.


Okay so that is my lure set up, the next question is what did I think to it? Well the only way to tell was to get out and use it. My favourite lures to use are the Savage Gear Real Eel 15cm in Caramel or Motor Oil colours with a 4oz Jighead.

The rod is honestly the best lure/dropshotting rod I have ever owned!!! It casts the reel eels and any other lures I use smoothly and reaches any of the distances I want it to.


Combined with the real eel I had 15 Jacks in one session recently the most I’ve ever had in one session, I can get such a smooth retrieve with this rod and the connection with the lure is amazing I can make it twitch, jerk or glide do easily with this rod.


I have had numerous Perch and Zander on the dropshot method and this includes using the brilliant dropshot kit from Savage Gear for only about £15 you get 30 pieces in the dropshot kit which is ideal for getting you started. I still use other lures and soft plastics as there are some fantastic baits out there which I will cover in other blogs/reviews.

Usually I try to give people a few alternatives with lower price range budgets but the quality of the Savage Gear product range really has blown me away the quality throughout the range is simply amazing and this is genuinely a case of you get what you pay for.

I highly recommend saving that little bit extra and investing in some of their stuff. I entitled this blog “It’s a Savage World” because you really are going to struggle to find better quality.


Check them out on the following links…

Savage Gear Facebook Page

Savage Gear Website

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