A look back at my predator fishing

It has been three seasons now that I have been properly predator fishing (I have been messing about with perch fishing for many years) and I thought it would be a good time to look back on where it all began. Maybe my musings may even encourage others to give predator fishing a try themselves.

Okay so first for those of you who don’t know me, I have been fishing for nearly thirty years mainly for coarse species. For nearly as long as I have been fishing, I have been creating my own fishing baits and in recent years created a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/homemadeboilies) to help others make their own baits which has now in excess of 7000 members.

Whilst running that page I started to use some gel based kits for making artificial sweetcorn from a company called Fritz Germany. I noticed that these kits were also available as lure kits and got one of those to try out as I thought it looked interesting.

One thing led to another and I started looking into pike fishing a bit more. I started speaking to Ant Glascoe Jr who turned out to be a top bloke and we soon hit it off with him giving me lots of useful information, the most important being to go with someone with experience your first few times so that they can show you how to handle and unhook the fish properly.

I now had the predator bug and luckily I had been speaking to a lad called Jay Crutchley who agreed to take me to a lake local to me and see if we could catch a few pike. Jay took the time to show me how to cast and retrieve various types of lure and once we were happy I could confidently do that he started having a cast around with his lures too.

I was the first to hook into a fish and although it wasn’t a big pike by any stretch of the imagination, it was my first pike and I was over the moon with it and well and truly hooked. Since that first session I have been on many a fishing session with Jay and we have had some good laughs along the way.

About the same time I met Carl Peake who showed me a more finesse way of lure fishing which was dropshotting and this I took to like a duck to water. As much as I enjoy chucking lures and deadbaiting, dropshotting is definitely my niche in the predator fishing world.

I now go fishing with Carl on a regular basis and we always have a good chat and most of the time we manage to catch either perch or zander on our sessions.

You will quite often find me wandering the local canals dropshotting for any unwary predators that may come my way and it is a fantastic, quiet and peaceful place to spend a few hours away from the stresses of every day life.

I have met some wonderful characters along the way whom I now class as good friends and the list would be too long to list on here, I have managed to annoy a few people (although I’m not quite sure why) but on the whole predator anglers are an amazingly friendly bunch, although they are rightfully wary of revealing their best spots to any but their closest friends.

Now I don’t want this blog to be about advertising but I quickly want to mention my top four go to lures as there is a huge range out there and I feel this would have been helpful to me when I first started out so hopefully it will be helpful to you.

Okay my first go to lure I found completely by chance, I was out fishing with Carl and we were joined by Nick Marlow from Ecogear who offered me a couple of Grass Minnows to see what I thought to them. Well I was catching fish almost immediately and I have had my pb zander and chub on these little beauties, there is always a pack of these in my bag now.

My second go to lure I found whilst having a look around www.agmdiscountfishing.co.uk and that is the Relax Kopyto Shad. I have lost count of how many perch and zander I have had on this lure and I’ve even had a few pike on it as well.

The third lure I class as a go to lure is the Savage Gear 15cm Real Eel (introduced to me by Ant Glascoe Jr) and unlike the two lures above this is my favourite lure for cast and retrieve jigging. Near enough all of my pike have fallen to this lure and I would never go to a water I know has pike in without some of these.

My final go to lure which has again caught me numerous perch and zander was again found on the AGM website and that is the Dekoj Swordtail, although this a fairly new lure to the UK it is definitely in my go to list as a fish catcher.

About a year ago Jay created a group called Lure Nuts and asked me from the start if I would help him admin it, I agreed and it has now become a brilliant group. There were a few hiccups along the wwithout the group which has been deliberately kept small has become a place for like minded lure anglers to chat and have occasional meet ups without worrying about what company we are promoting or who had caught the biggest fish.

Lure Nuts has always been about the enjoyment of fishing rather than the competitive side and if you’d like to see some of what we get up to we have created a public Facebook page www.facebook.com/lurenuts where you will see all sorts of different styles and fish.

I have now lost count of how many zander and perch I have caught and although I haven’t caught as many pike I have still caught enough to be confident with handling and unhooking them. I have caught a few surprise chub, crayfish and even caught a 2lb+ bream on a dropshot lure.

If you have ever considered giving predator fishing a go, I highly recommend it. I haven’t given up coarse fishing I have just gained an extra area in my wonderful hobby.

Below I have included a few of my captures (don’t expect anything huge lol) which I have enjoyed catching, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and found it at least a little interesting.




Till next time.

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