Paracord Knife Handle Wrap

If like me you enjoy bushcraft, survival skills then at some stage you will have a knife that has no handle on it. In this blog I will show you a simple way to put a good paracord handle on your knife.

Firstly you need to get yourself some good quality 550 paracord and I always get mine from

Secondly I do not claim to have invented any of the wraps or knots that I use within my paracord projects, they are simply my favourites that I have picked up over the years. Truthfully I wouldn’t know who to give credit to as they have been around for ages.

Besides making it look cool and customising your knife to yourself there are a couple of practical reasons for wrapping your knife. The first reason is that if you have just the knife metal with no handle, adding a paracord handle not only makes the knife more comfortable to hold but also allows you to put more pressure on cuts without hurting your hand.

The second reason for wrapping your knife is that you will have a nice supply of paracord on hand at all times you carry your knife.

My favourite way to wrap my knife handles is with a wrap called the “Strider Wrap” as it is easy to do once you have learnt it and it looks cool as hell.

I have seen people put tape around the handle or even a wrap of gutted paracord before they start adding the strider wrap, this is done to stop the knife showing through the gaps in the strider wrap. Personally I just put the wrap straight on to the handle as I like seeing the handle through the gaps.

Right, let’s move on to how to do the strider wrap. I have found that on average you will need between five and six foot of paracord for your average knife handle.

Take your length of paracord and fold it in half. Place the loop in the centre of your paracord over the handle just behind the blade.

Holding the loop nice and tight, turn the blade over and twist the two loose ends of paracord around twice.

Make sure the ‘knot’ of the twist is in the centre of the handle and then flip the handle over again and twist the two loose ends again making sure the ‘knot’ of the twist is in the centre.

Keep repeating the double twist and centering of the twist knot until you reach the end of the handle.

There are numerous ways to finish off the handle but if like my knife you have a hole drilled through the handle a good way to finish the handle is to do the strider wrap until it just covers the hole and then simply feed the two loose ends of paracord through the hole in your handle and pull to tighten.

Tie two simple overhand knots with the loose ends to stop them slipping and making the strider weave loose again. If you want to you can then make a lanyard from the rest of the paracord ends.

I hope you liked my latest paracord blog and watch out for more in the future.

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