An Unusual Vest for Fishing

Patrol Store – Op. Zulu Tactical Duty Vest.

I’ve been excited about reviewing this item as not only would it provide a use (if my theory is correct) but lets face it, every man has a little boy in him who likes the idea of dressing up like Rambo or a policeman.

This vest has been designed to be used by actual working police officers so should in theory be extremely good quality but I will hold judgement until I’ve had a play.

Okay so the ‘tactical’ vest (sorry I just love saying that lol) arrived in the post and it was well packaged to keep it protected but what were my first impressions of the actual vest?

Firstly I was impressed with the quality of the vest it was definitely made to be used by professionals. The next thing that I was surprised by was the fact that you can undo the Velcro straps on the shoulders and on the sides to completely remove the front of the vest from the back. I found this feature very useful as you can completely adjust the vest to fit your torso.

The next thing that impressed me was the numerous small pockets which although specifically designed to hold police issue equipment would definitely work well for the idea I had.

There was even a couple of d clips that would come in handy once I had put a couple of carabiners on.

Okay so my idea is to use this vest as a lightweight fishing vest!! I like to roam on the canals and carrying lots of tackle hinders how far I can go, in winter it isn’t a problem as I have a big waxed jacket with lots of big pockets. However, in summer this gets a little bit on the warm side as you can imagine.

The op.zulu tactical duty vest solves this problem it is lightweight, manufactured to Hugh standards so it will withstand the abuse from fishing gear, has a strong breathable mesh which will allow me to stay cooler in warm weather whilst still carrying a good amount of equipment.

So how did I utilise the pockets? Well…

• Hidden elasticated torch/glove holders in the shoulders (speaks for itself, great for holding a torch if night fishing)

• Elasticated belt loops to aid retention and comfort whilst running or changing from standing to sitting (these are perfect for sliding a folding landing net through and also attaching a rol-a-mat too via a carabiner)

• Innovative rear stash pocket, perfect for gloves or contact cap when not being worn (perfect for holding a hand towel to wipe the slime off your hands)

• CS spray pouch, suitable to hold a Peter Jones unit (perfect for holding your smartphone)

• Baton cross-drawn down for quick deployment – please note that Monadnock and longer batons require the extended baton retaining strap (this I put a few folded carrier bags in for weighing perch, etc)

• Combi handcuff pouch suitable for speedcuffs and hinged cuffs (pouch at rear I put scissors, permanent marker and hook sharpener in, front pouch is perfect for a spool of line which in my case is some fluorocarbon)

• Small pouch suitable for medical kits or limb restraints (this fits my digital weighing scales perfectly)

• D-rings for additional attachments – lanyards, carabiners or ID tags (placed a carabiner on each one and one has forceps on and the other is a spare at present)

• Large water resistant zipped pockets behind equipment panels, ideal for document storage (I placed one small tackle box in each one which contain, jig heads, lures, hooks, weights, etc)

• Small velcro patch on the front and a large velcro patch on the rear allowing the user to attach their forces’ chosen colour scheme or specific patches – badges are NOT included. (could be used for a fishing logo in future)

I found the following guide very useful when ordering mine so I thought I’d include it here in my review…

In order for your vest to fit you properly, you should choose the size according to your chest dimensions without body armour. Op. Zulu have allowed for the fit of body armour.

• Small 32–38”
• Medium: 36-46”
• Large: 46-50”
• X-Large: 50-56”

Okay so that is all of my review regarding what I wanted to use it for and how I filled it but what was it actually like out in practical use?

Well, I managed to get out for a few hours over the weekend and thought I’d give it a try out. In all honestly I didn’t know if it would be any good or not as I wasn’t using it for its intended purpose. After a few hours out on the bank roving up and down the canal I have to say it worked beyond all my expectations and I took advantage of the fact that it was half price throughout July so at under £40 it was a real bargain too.

Here is a link to the vest if you want to see more information on it…

Also why not give them a follow on their social media sites as they always have some really cool stuff and you hear about the offers on there too

Facebook: /patrolstore
Twitter: @patrolstore

Hope you found my review interesting, till next time.


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