Scissors have always been a problem with mobile fishing

Okay as you know I am always on the look out for products that I think will be of benefit not only to myself but to all the people who have liked my pages and enjoy reading my product reviews.

This next product is so simple I almost went straight past it without taking notice. However, I did stop and look at the Line Cutter Ring by Vance Zahorsk and I have to say this guy believes in his product so much so that he sold his house to fund the company!!

Reading about Vance’s passion for his product made me pay more attention and I started to read up on the Line Cutter Ring to see what the fuss was about. The basic idea of the ring is that you basically wear a cutting blade on your finger.

When it comes to my hands and fingers I am very wary of any sharp instruments going near them as I don’t particularly fancy any accidents. Looking at the design the blades were well protected with no chance of cutting yourself and as there were blades on both sides you could cut your line either pulling the line towards you or pushing it away from you. The ring can be worn on either hand and is fully adjustable with a velcro strap.

I got in touch with Linecutterz and enquired about getting a ring and that was it, there was one on the way for me. I knew it would take a few days to arrive as it was coming from the USA, so for 11 days I waited in anticipation as I thought this could be the answer to a few issues I had been having with normal scissors.

The Linecutterz ring arrived and I was very impressed with the professional packaging but the packaging didn’t last long as I wanted to get at the ring. One concern I did have was that it may be uncomfortable to wear due to it being a velcro strap however, it was surprisingly comfy to wear.

As I had never seen a design like this before I went through all my fishing stuff finding various strengths of line and braid to test out on it and sure enough it cut through all of them and it was even comfy to wear whilst cuttig the lines, a small tug (which you hardly feel) and the line is cut.

It was then that I thought I wonder if it could cut pva mesh after I had made a small bag up? Sure enough it went straight through the mesh with no difficulty at all.

Okay so I had now established that it was safe round my children as they could accidentally put their hands directly on the ring and not worry about cutting themselves. It was safe (and comfortable) for me to wear on my finger without the risk of injury and it cut through all of the fishing line and pva mesh I threw at it. It was time to take it out in a real life fishing situation and see how it did.

Two of my favourite methods of fishing at the minute are light jigging and dropshotting. These methods can be done with very minimal tackle and everything except your rod, reel, unhooking mat and landing net can fit in your coat pockets. One problem I have always found with these methods is that I always end up with holes in my pockets where I have stored the scissors. I also find it very difficult to get at my scissors whilst holding everything else.

I thought this Line Cutterz Ring might solve these problems and make changing or replacing rigs after a snag up a lot easier. The first problem was instantly solved – no more scissors equals no more holes. The big question though is did it make changing rigs, etc easier?

After a little bit of practice (it really doesn’t need much) I was cutting line as easily as if I was using a pair of scissors but with the ease of constantly having it in my hand. I hope this review has made you look more closely at this product and not dismiss it as I nearly did. If you like your gadgets this is right up your street, not only is it a cool gadget but it is very safe and extremely useful too!!

At $12 (£7.87) a ring plus postage at the time of writing this review I think that is extremely good value as you can pay upwards of £15 for a good set of braid scissors. There are videos on their Facebook page of the ring in action. You can find out more information through their various media sites listed below.

Facebook: /linecutterzllc
Twitter: @line_cutterz
Instagram: @line_cutterz

I know they are also looking to expand their product into even more tackle shops so if your in the trade click here to see what you need to do… Line Cutterz Trade Accounts

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