BladeTech Sharpeners

I really enjoy fishing, making my own baits, bushcraft and general making things at home. One problem I always find is that I end up with blunt knives and scissors, I have tried whetting stones, sharpening blocks, etc but they are usually either too big and cumbersome or the smaller ones just don’t do a good job.

Now I recently had the BladeTech Facebook page appear on my personal Facebook account and immediately I thought “now that looks different to the normal stuff I see”. So I ordered myself one of these sharpening tools and waited for it to arrive.

When it arrived it was well packaged and well presented but my first impression was how on earth is anything this small going to be any good. So taking it out of the package, the build quality was really good, it just felt too small to be any good but I withheld judgement until I’d actually tried it.

There are few ways I can see this being used but the main two that they show you are either holding it in your hand or by placing it on the edge of a flat surface and holding it down with one hand.

First off I tried holding it in my hand using my other hand to run the blade of a small knife through it. It was quite difficult to get the 45 degree angle that they recommend as obviously both hands move and I felt a bit nervous with it that close to my wrist. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it sharpened the knife extremely well.

Feeling more confident that this tiny little gadget (I’m not joking you could carry it round in your wallet with ease) was actually a superstar and was going to sharpen my blades how I wanted them doing, I moved on to the second method they recommend.

So I placed the BladeTech sharpening tool on the side of one of my tables and holding it down with one hand started to sharpen my small knife with the other. This method felt a lot more comfortable and I wasn’t worrying about my wrist anymore either, getting the angle right was also so much easier using this method and the tool was working so much better this way to.

I could actually see the tiny metal shavings gathering at the end of one knife as I sharpened it.

Now if your a fisherman like me and you use a lot of braid, you are going to go through a lot of braid scissors. I had a blunt pair of Blair scissors and I just had to give it a try and see if I could sharpen them instead of throwing them away.


Well, it worked that good that my braid scissors were actually sharper than they were when I purchased them new, so much so that they even cut through my wire for trace making.

In conclusion the BladeTech Sharpener doesn’t look like it would do the job purely down to its size. However, the size makes it extremely convenient to carry and it punches well above its size, the sharpener outperforms any sharpener I have used before.

At approx £10 plus p&p it is a good price (I got the classic one) if you would like to find out more here are the links to their social media and website…

Website: BladeTech Sharpeners
Twitter: @BladetechUK
Facebook: /BladeTechSharpeners

2 thoughts on “BladeTech Sharpeners

  1. These sharpeners are tremendously good. I bought one after reading this and after I tried it I had to buy another! Definitely not leaving home without one on me again!

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