Artificial Baits from Evolution Carp Tackle

Well 2014 has gone and we are now at the beginning of another year. Some people say its only another day, well yes in a sense it is just another day but it is a chance to look back at what has happened and see if there is anything we can try and change for the year ahead to improve both our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with.

Okay so my first blog of 2015 is going to be on something that some people have embraced and others shy completely away from – Artificial baits. These artificial baits can be used either on their own or as an enhancement to an existing bait, I will go into various ideas on using them later in the blog.

Now there is a vast range of artificial maggots, Sweetcorn, pellets, tiger nuts and more out there and there are equally as many companies. How on earth do you decide which to go for? Well I have tried a lot of different companies from ridiculously cheap bait which was terribly made and hazardous (it never actually got near the water as I felt it too sharp and dangerous to risk going near the fish) right through to stuff which although good was very over priced.

I finally found a fairly new company called Evolution Carp Tackle which seemed to offer a very new and innovative artificial bait and I decided to give them a try. The prices were very reasonable, the staff seemed to actually want to offer good customer service and the product looked to be well made.

A few months ago now I got some of their maggot rings, double maggots and corn stacks in a variety of colours to see what they were like. The quality of them was better than any I’ve used before and the maggots had the most realistic feel I’ve come across, the maggot rings are a brilliant innovation and let you make maggot balls very simply.

To make a maggot ball in 5 easy steps…


1.. Slide five maggot rings (colours of your choice) on to a baiting needle

2.. Place a piece of braid through the clasp of the baiting needle, doubling over the last inch.

3.. Slide the maggot rings onto the piece of braid and pull the tag end of the braid so it is a single line of braid going through the maggot rings.

4.. Take the two ends of the braid and tie a simple overhand knot tightening gently towards the end.

5.. Slide a small rig ring onto one of the tag ends, so it touches the knot, then tie a further two overhand knots to secure in place.

Trim the tag ends and you have a maggot ball ready to attach to your chosen rig.

The double maggots can be used to make a small maggot rig, perfect for method feeders or you can use them straight on a hook.

You can even use them as a boilie stop, combine a maggot ring and a double maggot on top of a boilie to create a fantastic attractor to your hook bait.

The corn stacks again, can be used straight on the hook if nicked carefully through the edges of the corn, you can also cut a boilie in half and have a stack of corn topped by a double maggot as the other side of the boilie.

You could hair rig the corn, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget the corn stacks come as threes but you can cut them down to two’s or even single grains.

More recently Evolution Carp Tackle have brought out their own bait stops which fit perfectly inside the groove on all of their baits, this gives one of the neatest finishes I’ve ever seen from a bait stop.

They have also released something called the maggot plug which I will be getting soon as I see a huge potential for this with certain products I use, but I will reveal more on that if the idea works. 🙂

So to conclude, I think you can safely say I am very impressed with the company not only for a very well priced, quality product but also for good customer service.

You can find out more information from their media sites as below…

Facebook Page /Evolutioncarptackle

Twitter Account @EvoCarpTackle


I know they are looking for new stockists so if you think your local tackle shop would be interested in stocking them, get the shop to email: mentioning my blog so they know where you heard about it.

I hope you have found this useful and enjoyed reading my blog.

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