My New Boilie Rolling Machine from “Boilie Roller”

Well this has been an interesting review for me to write, mainly due to the fact that I never thought I would see myself with a boilie rolling machine rather than a simple rolling table.

Okay, so where do I begin with my review? I have always been happy with using bait rolling tables since they became available (and by hand before that). However since starting my Home Made Boilies Facebook page one question that I have regularly been asked is can I recommend a good boilie rolling machine and I have always had to say no as I don’t use them.

Recently though I decided to take the plunge as I have used the same size 14mm rolling tables for as long as I can remember and I thought seeing as though I am going to be using new size boilies, why not see what machines are out there and give one of them a try.

Looking around I found several machines but there was one that really caught my eye and it’s dimensions allowed it to fit perfectly in my existing boilie making workspace.

I took the plunge and ordered a Manual 18mm Boilie Roller from a company I found in Lithuania, the machine came in at just under £280 delivered to my door at the time of writing this review (obviously delivery depends where you are in the world) which I thought was a very reasonable price considering some I had been looking at. Now currently they only do the 18mm machine which is fine by me as that’s the size I wanted but they are planning on adding a few other sizes in the future.

The machine took 4 working days to arrive which considering some mail posted within the UK to a UK address takes up to 7 working days (or longer) to arrive is very impressive.

On unwrapping the boilie roller I was impressed with how well it was packaged and it even came with a hard plastic nozzle for your boilie gun and a plastic tray to catch your boilies in.

Having taken it out of the packaging I realised that the base was secured to a piece of wood and the polystyrene underneath by four securing screws which are meant to be screwed into whichever surface you plan on putting your machine on.

I immediately saw an advantage of leaving the machine attached to these pieces as I wanted to be able to pull the machine out from under the cupboards when I wanted to use it and push it back when finished and this was ideal for that. Obviously I will have to replace the polystyrene at some stage but for now it works well.

Having a close look at the machine I was very impressed with how well it was built and how sturdy it was. I also liked the fact that if you want to you can either purchase the machine with a motor or as I have purchase it manually and if I want to I can add the motor at a later stage.

I decided to test the machine using a new recipe that I have been working on but that has caught me several fish in the time I’ve been testing it. The recipe if you would like to try it yourself is:

4oz Haith’s CLO
4oz Munch Baits Fine Tiger Nut Flour
2oz Ground Halibut Pellets
2oz Crushed Hemp Seed
1.6oz Haith’s Robin Red
1oz Semolina
1oz Munch Baits Egg Albumin
0.4oz Vegetable Protein Extract
3 Large Eggs
10ml Hemp Oil
1ml Feed Stimulants Fenugreek Liquid
1tsp Ultra Sweetener
10g Potassium Sorbate Granules diluted in 20ml Warm Water

So I had the machine and I had the boilie sausages made up and placed on the top of the machine ready to roll in to the machine, it was time to turn the handle and see what happened.

Well before I knew it I had done all of the sausages and had a very nice pile of well formed 18mm dough balls sat in the tray at the bottom of the machine. What would have taken me maybe 5 minutes on a rolling table took around 20 seconds using this boilie roller.

All I can say and this is honestly from the bottom of my heart is why on earth have I not purchased one of these machines before!! It has made my bait making instantly easier and I whole heartedly recommend this machine to anyone who is considering buying one.

I used to have the attitude of “I don’t make many at a time so don’t need a fancy machine” but oh my goodness if you are fortunate enough to be in the position to be able to afford one, don’t think about it just go and buy one. I cannot believe how much easier it makes rolling boilies, they are also perfectly formed (apart from the odd end bit where I didn’t have enough mixture in the tube to form a ball).

One of the reservations I had about these machines was cleaning them, but again a brush of suitable size was included and having cleaned it a couple of times now, I’m more than happy with how to clean it.

Do I have any negatives? Not about the machine itself, it is absolutely brilliant and I couldn’t be happier. The only negative that I could possibly come up with is that the tray to catch your dough balls as they come out is a little on the small side.

So all in all, I am 1000% happy I got this machine and now that I’ve used it, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get one.

I hope you’ve found this review useful and you can find more of my recipes and info on bait in my books available from my Authors page.

You can also find out more info on the boilie rollers from their website or Facebook page.

BoilieRoller Website
BoilieRoller Facebook Page

4 thoughts on “My New Boilie Rolling Machine from “Boilie Roller”

  1. Looking at getting one of these……does it do perfect balls as the ones ive looked at before always seem to leave a little hole all way through the middle

    • Hi Jason,

      The little hole in the middle is usually because the sausage is too big for the roller. Most of the time you want a nozzle 2mm smaller than the table on your sausage gun. (This machine actually comes with the correct size nozzle included for you to add onto a sausage gun).

      So far apart from the odd end where there hasn’t been enough mix, all of them have come out round.

  2. Hi I’ve just ordered one but bit worried about the size of boillie 18mm I’m hoping to get a 14 mm soon as I never used 18 mm before I hope there not to big for my water I fish on .

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