Bushcraft Essentials BE Fire Piston

I have spent many a year lighting my fires with various implements ranging from gas lighters and matches to fire steels and bow drills. All of which have worked and given me the fire I needed.

Sometimes a company will come up with a product that jumps to the next level of evolution of that particular niche in the market and leaves the rest of the products in the dust.

Fire Pistons (also known as a slam rod or fire syringe) have been around for 100’s of years and the basic idea behind them is that by compressing air quickly the air heats up to such a degree that it will ignite a piece of tinder which you can then use to set fire to kindling (kindling is a small amount of highly flammable material used as the basis of most camp fires).

There are quite a few available on the market and they all work very well but one that stood out was the Bushcraft Essentials BE Fire Piston now I have to admit that I noticed this particular one while I was having a look at the accessories available for my Bushcraft Essential Stoves in case there was something I hadn’t got for them.

So it stood out to me because it looked the part but what exactly did I think to it? As usual delivery from Germany was around 4-5 days and it arrived well packaged.
Upon opening I did what most preppers/bush crafters do and proceeded to take it apart lol.

The fire piston was extremely well made and also included a piece of char rope to get me started (you can make your own char cloth using my instructions) or again Bushcraft Essentials sell Char Rope as part of their accessories.

I was impressed with the fact that there was a waterproof compartment in the lid of the piston in which to store your tinder.

There was a Fire Steel included in the handle of the plunger in case you run out of tinder. To use the fire steel just strike it against a piece of metal such as the thread of the plunger to create a spark.
How easy is the BE Fire Piston to use? Take a small piece of tinder and place it in the small hole at the end of the plunger, place the plunger in the piston and then slam the plunger down a couple of times with the palm of your hand.
Remove the plunger and gently blow on the tinder to increase the glow, then all you have to do is tip it out into your waiting kindling.

So my final verdict of the Bushcraft Essential BE Fire Piston is…

There is a lot of thought and design gone into this product from the hidden fire steel in the plunger and the waterproof tinder storage in the piston cap to the sturdy rugged build quality of the fire piston itself. This isn’t one of the cheaper fire pistons but this is also reflected in the quality of the product, at around £32 this is a mid priced product but with the quality of it the price is definitely worth it.

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