Testing my new boilies and using some old faithful bait

Well where to begin, I thought I would start writing a few session reports as I used to write them before and it was great fun. I won’t be writing one for every session as I don’t want it to become a job, I want to keep it fun.

I had made myself a new batch of boilies from a ready made Haith’s base mix that they had kindly sent me to have a play with. The recipe I used is:

500g Haith’s Robin Red & Chilli Base Mix
2 Large Eggs
50ml CC Moore Liquid Robin Red
10ml BaitTech Omega 3 Fish Oil
5ml Mainline Baits Banoffee Profile Plus
1ml Liquid Talin

Now I could have gone down to my members only club water as I know it very well and know where the fish are likely to be hiding. However, I wanted to give the test boilies a hard time so I decided to go to a fishery that I hadn’t been to for about 4 years. If you want to give the fishery a try it is Higham Lane Fishery and the SatNav postcode is LE10 3EF. For more details ring John using the number in the photo below,


the fishery has Carp, Tench, Roach and a few Perch although lure fishing for them isn’t allowed. You can have a good days fishing and although not really easy you can expect to catch 50-60lb of fish in a session.
I had decided to fish the test boilies on a basic hair rig with running lead and a small PVA bag of matching crumbed boilies. Okay, I cast in and now it was a waiting game and I didn’t have to wait long. After only 3-4 minutes my line shot off and I was into my first fish of the day a lovely little 4-5lb carp. After 3 hours I was on 94lb of fish!!!! I think I can safely say these boilies work lol.
As I went to cast in again I realised I had ran out of test boilies something I very rarely do. I had a choice of baits to use but I went with one of my favourite ready made baits and that is Bait-Tech Hybrid Barbel Hookbaits. My favourite way to fish these is with a small pva bag of Bait-Tech Carp Feed Pellets. Having rigged up I cast out and it was about 10 minutes before I got a bite but I was off again this time a nice 8lb carp, another 4 hours went by and I had had another 63lb of carp. It was now nearly time for me to pack up but I thought I’d have half an hour floater fishing some bread on the surface and this resulted in another 10lb of Carp as I was packing my other stuff away.



All in all that was definitely a red letter day with 167lb of carp and the odd small roach on the bread too. Well I hope you have enjoyed my first session report blog. Until next time tight lines 🙂

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