Dealing with Mosquitoes the Home Made Way

By Anthony Wood

Something that causes discomfort and potentially cause illness is mosquitoes. However, there is a very simple home made solution to this that is easy to make and more importantly it actually works.

So what is it that actually attracts mosquitoes in the first place? The first and biggest attraction for mosquitoes is Carbon Dioxide which every person gives off in their breath and the little horrors can smell it from over 150ft away!!

Blood type which is again something you can’t do anything about is the next biggest attractor, you may ask how a mosquito knows what blood type you are but most people give off a scent which is undetectable to us but that actually says what your blood type is and the bad news for those of you who have type ‘O’ blood is that this is their favourite.

There are a few other things such as sweat, beer and even the colour of the clothing you wear that will make you more attractive to a mosquito.

Okay so now we know why mosquitoes are attracted to you but how do we get them to go somewhere else and leave you alone?

You will need…
1 Two Litre Plastic Pop Bottle
A Sharp Knife (or Pair of Scissors)
Black Sock
One Cup of Water
Quarter of a Cup of Brown Sugar
1 Small Packet of Active Yeast

Okay so now you have the things you need to make your trap lets get started.
Firstly cut your pop bottle in half.

Next bring your water to a boil and mix in the brown sugar. Take it off the heat and allow to cool.

Pour the cold sugar water into the bottom half of the pop bottle and tip in the yeast.
Take the lid off the top half of the bottle and put the top half of the bottle with the small opening pointing down into the bottom of the pop bottle.
If you want to, you can tape the two pieces of bottle together to give it extra strength. Wrap the bottle in some dark coloured cloth such as a black sock but make sure you leave the top open for the mosquitoes to go in.

You now have your trap made and you simply need to place it where you usually end up getting bitten. The mix will need to be changed every two or three weeks to keep it working.

The reason this trap works is that the yeast is fermenting the sugar water and a by product of this fermentation is carbon dioxide. The dark coloured cloth also helps to bring the mosquitoes in so that’s two mosquito attractors in one trap!!!

You have learnt to attract the mosquitoes to something other than yourself but to finish off I’d like to show you how to make a simple spray repellant that will not only repel mosquitoes but other annoying insects too.

This recipe takes minutes too make and you can customise it to your own tastes, you will need the following:

250ml Spray Bottle
125ml Cold Boiled Water
95ml Witch Hazel
30 Drops of Citronella Essential Oil
20 Drops of Mixed Essential Oils
10ml Vegetable Glycerine

Citronella (also known as lemongrass) has very good repelling qualities and is used in many commercial insect repellants which is why it is the main scent in this recipe.

The last 20 drops of essential oil can be a combination of any of your favourite essential oils such as mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, etc. Some essential oils have insect repelling qualities, some have skin care qualities to tell you about all of them would take an entire book so if your interested in making your mix more technical look them up on the Internet.

Now let’s get making your insect repellent the first thing to do is pour the 125ml of boiled water into the spray bottle, now add the 95ml of witch hazel and the vegetable glycerine. Finally add the 30 drops of citronella essential oil and the other 20 drops of essential oil, put the top on the bottle and give it a good shake to mix it all together and you are ready to start spraying it on yourself. As a last tip if you have let the mixture stand for a few days in between using it give it another shake to remix the ingredients before use.

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