Dekoj Soft Dropshot Lures

As you know by now I like to do reviews of products that I actually use myself and recently a lot of my time has been taken up with dropshotting a method I have become fascinated with. I order a lot of my stuff from AGM Direct and on my latest order I found a new product from a company called Dekoj all the way in Slovakia.
There are a whole range of soft lures available from Dekoj as you can see from the AGM Website. I chose to go for the copper coloured 3″ SwordTail pattern which gives you 6 lures in a pack for £3.25 (price is correct when I did this review).

When they arrived I was seriously impressed with the quality of them and how much the tail moved, my youngest son had asked me to take him fishing and thought it was an ideal time to try them out.

Now I also had a 3″ Smoke/Pearl Swordtail which I pinched off a friend who also had some and thought I’d try that colour whilst my son could try the copper one.

Well to say that I was impressed is an understatement, the action you get from these lures even with the tiniest movement is phenomenal and as you can see from the photos below they are a very definite fish catcher.

I definitely recommend these and at just over £3 for 6 they are good value too. The only negative thing I could say about them is that they are very soft so were only lasting 2 or 3 fish if the nose could be hardened slightly these would be absolutely perfect.






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