Have you forgotten your can opener?

Have you ever been on the bank just about ready to cook yourself some sausage and beans (or what ever you have in your can)?

If you have some concrete near to you then I have a very simple and easy method of opening your can without a can opener which actually works!!

Simply take your can and start rubbing it quite vigorously on the concrete.

You will after not too long wear the lip of the can down and this is where you need to be careful as it may wear down quicker in some places and you may need to drain off any liquid you need to keep.

Once you have drained the liquid…

keep rubbing the can on the concrete until you can squeeze the can tight enough to pop the top of the can off and you are then ready to cook your contents. 🙂

Now this idea isn’t one of mine it is one that I learnt from a YouTube channel called “Crazy Russian Hacker” who has some absolutely brilliant videos well worth watching.

It does take a little bit of practice but it works really well.

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