Keeping In Touch

As someone who enjoys spending time out and about in the fresh air, whether it’s fishing or walking through a wood one problem that always arises is keeping in touch. Now I know that a lot of people will say there’s tranquility and relaxation from people not being able to get in touch with you but…

A phone is an important part of people’s lives these days, whether it’s so people can contact you if there’s an emergency or perish the thought you have an accident while your out and need to get in touch with someone. I also use my phone to take photographs of fish I’ve captured, wild plants that would go well in “wild cooking” or even photos of wildlife I see while I’m on my wanders.

For a long time I’d looked around for portable chargers that would give me the extra time on my phone that I need (as lets face it most phone batteries are rubbish if you use your phone regularly) but they were always so big and heavy or absolutely ridiculously priced. Then by chance I saw an advert for a company called “Powersolve” in the Anglers Mail, there were three different types of chargers available and they were all reasonably priced so I started to look at the features.

The first is Model No PAF10AH4 it is the cheapest one and at the time I wrote this it was selling for £49.95 now I liked the look of this one as although it was the cheapest it was also the one that could charge a mobile device around 5-6 times which would be more than enough for what I need.

The second charger is Model SOL3W2-5000 Solar Book. Now this was only £1 more expensive at £50.95 but you could charge it via the solar panels whilst still charging your mobile device. I thought this was a very neat product but living in England I’ve not had much luck with solar powered products and although you can charge it normally, it only charges your mobile device at least 2 times which is a third of the other one. If you fancy giving solar power a go it’s not that expensive at only an extra £1.

The third and final charger is Model PSB8000 as the most expensive of the three at £57.95, this charger is the most compact of the three designed to fit in your pocket. You do sacrifice some of the charging capability for the compactness as it will charge your phone around 4 times instead of 5-6.

One thing I noticed was that all of them featured a built in LED torch which I thought was a handy feature to include and they are all based on rechargeable compact lithium batteries. They also all came with a USB to micro USB cable for charging and a couple of adaptors for the most popular phones. The cable is ideal for charging the product and also for then charging your mobile device.

Okay so having decided on Model PAF10AH4 I waited for it to arrive. My first impressions when it arrived was that it was well packaged and inside the box it was nicely snuggled inside a load of polystyrene to prevent it being damaged in transport.


Taking it out the packaging of the actual charger was very smart and professional, the charger was snug inside it’s box, there was a users manual and the cables were neatly packed and looked good quality.

So as you do I had a play and was impressed with the quality of the built in LED torch, it actually is going to be useful rather than just a gimmick as you can see from the photo, the torch was held about 5ft from the box.


The build quality of the charger is absolutely brilliant it knocks the socks off it’s competitors that are charging £100+ for theirs.

I was very surprised at the size of it, I had opted not to pick the compact one as I wanted to keep the larger charging capability. This charger will still fit in your coat pocket or even a hoody pocket with very little difficulty. I would imagine it is quite heavy compared to the compact one but it is not an unbearable weight.

I like the fact that it has blue led lights to tell you the state of charge left in the charger again it has a really professionally look to it.


So, it’s all very well looking a million dollars but does it do what it says on the tin? I wasn’t planning on any outdoor activity for about a week when it arrived so I charged it up in the house and instead of using my normal charger to charge the phone I used my “new toy”.


The charger, charged my Sony Xperia Z1 from my phone being flat 7 times before it needed to be charged again itself.

Right okay so my fishing day had arrived and it was time to take the charger out on its first field test. I used my phone as I normally would and as always it ran out of battery after about 3-4 hours.


I plugged my phone into the charger and left it in my pocket with the phone turned on. The charger worked perfectly keeping my phone powered up and I even charged one of my friends phones for him as well.

I haven’t used the torch on it much but with it being an LED light I would have thought the effect on the charging time capability would be quite small.

This product does exactly what it says on the tin and is well worth the small investment needed to get one especially if like me you use your mobile device a lot. The only negative thing I could find to say about this product is that it would have been nice to have one of those little velvet type drawstring bags included in the box to keep all the cables and charger together easier but that really is nit picking. The charger definitely gets 10/10 and I highly recommend the company not only for its product but for the service you receive as well.

You can buy the chargers online at
or email at
or if you like speaking to a human being you can ring them on 01635-521858

You can also find out more information on their Facebook page Power Solve Facebook

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