Making Your Own Dip/Glug

One thing I enjoy making is my own dips/glugs they are so versatile and the possibilities and combinations are almost endless. First you will need a base liquid and glycrerine is commonly used by a lot of companies, it is readily available, is extremely sweet which is a fantastic attractor and also has preserving qualities so will last a considerable amount of time.


You can add all sorts of ingredients to the glycerine but it is best to stick to mainly liquid ingredients, although you can add powdered ingredients to the mix as well. Now as with boilie recipies there is no hard and fast measurement to stick to (as long as its not dangerous to the fish) however, make sure that you write down your concoctions so that if you find a particularly good one you will know how to make it again.

A good place to start with your dip/glug is the following guideline recipe;

350ml Glycerine
50ml Corn Steep Liquor
50ml Additive
30ml Oil
10ml Flavouring
10ml Colouring (or extra additive)

To make your dip/glug mix everything except the glycerine together, measure the oil first as it will coat your measuring spoon helping to stop the thicker ingredients sticking to your measuring spoon. Measure your liquids into a watertight container that will hold 500ml of liquid.

Mix them all together using a wooden spoon handle or other mixer. Next add half of the glycerine, screw the lid on the container and give the mix a good shake to help combine it all together then add the rest of the glycerine and give it another good shake.

You will now have a finished dip/glug. You will never use 500ml of glug/dip in one go so it is always worth getting smaller 100ml or even 50ml watertight pots then simply pour some of your glug/dip into the smaller pot as you need it.

Now because of the amount of glycerine in the dip/glug you should find that it is also pva friendly although I can’t guarantee it 100%. You can also glug some of your Hookbaits in a pot but be warned, the baits will soak up some of the glug but the glycerine will eventually make your Hookbait go rock hard so that you will need a bait drill to be able to hair rig it.

Well that’s how I make my dips/glugs, I don’t make them like the ones that make a pretty fluorescent trail through the water mainly because I won’t use tracer dyes which are toxic no matter how small a quantity is needed to create the effect.

Here are a few of my successful recipes to give you a few ideas;

350ml Glycerine
50ml Corn Steep Liquor
50ml Liquid Robin Red
30ml Bait-Tech Pineapple Flavoured Oil
10ml Tutti Frutti Flavouring
10ml Liquid Mollasses

350ml Glycerine
50ml Corn Steep Liquor
50ml FeedStim Pure Liquid Krill
30ml Salmon Oil
10ml Pineapple Flavouring
10ml Krill Meal (powder)

350ml Glycerine
50ml Corn Steep Liquor
50ml Condensed Milk
30ml Hemp Oil
10ml Scopex Flavouring
10ml Yellow Food Colouring

Tight Lines & Fun Mixing

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