Making Fake Pop Up Bread

Now one of the things I like to use a lot especially in warmer months is bread. The only problem with bread is that it gets nibbled and taken very easily by small fish as they love to eat it too. So I started making my own fake bread.


So how do you make fake bread? The answer is very easily. You will need a pop up mix I like to use Mainline Polaris Pop Up Mix, any flavouring you care to use and 1 Large Egg.

For the purposes of this guide I will be using the following recipe;

Mainline Polaris Pop Up Mix, enough to make a dough that doesn’t stick to your hands.
2.5ml Concentrated Flavouring of your choice
1 Large Egg

In a mixing bowl whisk your egg then add the 2.5ml flavouring, then slowly add the Polaris mix a bit at a time until you have a dough that doesn’t stick to your fingers. Make a large single dough ball and pinch pieces off placing to one side as you do so.

You can now either boil the pieces for 3-4 minutes or as I prefer to do you can steam the pieces for 10-12 minutes.


Finally air dry the pieces for 4-5 days, then store them in an air tight container. Polaris mix has a preservative built into it so these should last you for several months.


Well I hope that they catch you a few nice fish.
Tight Lines

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